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Protecting Our Inherited Environment
The Mission of Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Today, sustainability and social responsibility are not just fashionable terms, but essential values that determine the operation and mission of our company. In our sustainability mission statement, we express our commitment to the preservation and protection of our inherited environment .

Our goal is to prepare a future in which the living world and natural resources work together harmoniously. We believe that it is the responsibility of all of us to take care of the protection and sustainability of our environment so that future generations can also enjoy the benefits of the Earth.

In order to reduce our environmental footprint, we are committed to energy efficiency, recycling and the use of sustainable resources. We consciously strive to take every step in an environmentally friendly way and leave the smallest possible footprint on our planet.

Corporate social responsibility is also one of our values. We are committed to climate protection , social equality and sustainable economic development . We consider it important to work together to ensure that our company and our activities have the greatest positive impact on society and the environment.

SysInfo Kft. proudly undertakes this commitment, and with everything we do, we try to contribute to the creation of a more livable, sustainable future.

We build the future, we protect the past.

Our company is committed to operating sustainably and contributing to environmental and social responsibility. To this end, we undertake the following
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Our objectives

  1. Increasing energy efficiency
    Our goal is to introduce energy efficiency measures and reduce energy consumption by 20% in the office environment and in the operation of IT systems by the end of 2025.

  2. Use of green energy sources
    Our committed goal is the active use of renewable energy sources, such as solar energy and wind energy, in the operational processes.

  3. Minimizing paper use
    Our goal is to minimize the use of paper by digitizing administrative processes and encouraging the use of electronic documents, so we aim to reduce paper use by 50% by the end of 2025.

  4. Waste reduction and recycling
    We are committed to waste reduction and recycling, including the proper management of electronic waste and prioritizing recyclable materials in the office.

  5. Environmentally friendly procurement practices
    Our goal is to introduce environmentally friendly purchasing practices, for example, preferring environmentally friendly office supplies, cleaning products and other products.

  6. Ecological footprint monitoring
    We regularly monitor our ecological footprint in order to better understand our impacts and identify opportunities for further development.

  7. Encouraging environmentally conscious work
    Our goal is to encourage and educate employees to work in an environmentally conscious way, for example in the field of energy-efficient work processes and selective waste collection.

  8. Preference for green transport
    Our aim is to minimize car travel and favor green modes of transport, such as cycling or public transport, among our employees.
    Furthermore, we will replace 50% of our car fleet with fully electric cars by the end of 2024, which we intend to charge with solar energy.

  9. Environmentally conscious education and consciousness formation
    Our goal is environmental awareness education and training, through regular trainings and consciousness-raising programs.

  10. Support for environmental initiatives
    We are committed to participating in and supporting environmental initiatives and community projects in our local community.

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